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I tried doing it with another account but it just isn't working for me here on Deviantart. I was keeping it mostly because of some wonderful artists that I can only follow here. But I guess I don't need to have this account to keep following them, just like anybody who wants to keep following my work on Flickr or my Blog can do so without having an account there - and I hope you do it! :)
So, yeah, this is goodbye for all of the lovely deviants who keep supporting me here and brighten my day with nice words. :) Thank you guys.

For the ones who wanna keep following me:

Follow my work through Flickr!

Follow my Blog for personal info and behind the scenes!

Add me on Facebook!  

Take care, everyone! :blowkiss:

Hey, everyone!

Yeah, so I thought I'd move... I have had my older account for about 6 years and I really felt like I should create a new one. I won't delete the other one (for now, at least), simply because I'd like to keep it as some sort of archive. Yeah, I'm attached to the past! ahahah
My old account - HERE

Anyways... I'm still the same.

Take care.

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